February Code Challenge COMPLETE!

February Code Challenge COMPLETE!

the best and worst idea ever

It's already April, but better late than never in updating y'all on the results of my February code challenge!

On February 28th, I had 25 of the 28 websites completed, then finished the last three over the next few days.

This challenge has been one of the best and worst ideas I've ever had. It forced me to quickly generate new websites (some I want to evolve into larger projects, others I can't stand to look at). Near the end, it became very energy-draining, to the point where I had a hard time focusing on other tasks I needed to finish during the day.

After the challenge concluded, I ended up with mild coding PTSD and took a break from programming for a few weeks.

Note to self for future code challenges:

  • don't include weekends

  • don't set challenges that take 2-4 hours every day

The 28 Websites

  1. Tom Sawyer (PD Books)

  2. UI Revamp: Embassy University

  3. Spy School Website (one of my favorites!)

  4. Personal: Favorite Quotes

  5. Magic Candy Shop

  6. UI Revamp: OJ Simpson Trial Hub

  7. Personal: Catherine's World (THE favorite!)

  8. Fake Profile Generator

  9. UI Revamp: TACO

  10. Happy Fridge

  11. Personal: Bucket List

  12. House (no idea what this was supposed to be)

  13. Painful Website

  14. Template: Severe News

  15. Template: Samira (LoL)

  16. Catherine's Logs

  17. Space Job Board

  18. Browser Start Page

  19. Template: Lux (LoL)

  20. Template: Animal-Themed Website

  21. Personal: Portfolio

  22. Sleep (I was sleepy)

  23. Template: Ipsum Blog

  24. Template: Morgana (LoL)

  25. Personal: Favorite Songs

  26. Cat Advent Calendar

  27. Template: Lulu (LoL)

  28. Card Examples