April Code Challenge:  JS on Exercism

April Code Challenge: JS on Exercism

Though a week of April has already passed, I thought it wouldn't be too late to try to do a 3-week code challenge!

As a web developer - and honestly, in pretty much any career or area of life - I feel it's important to constantly improve and sharpen one's skills. I enjoy learning new things and practicing what I've learned before, so this will be a great opportunity for me to do just that.

The Challenge

This challenge will be short and simple: complete 2 Exercism JavaScript programming exercises every weekday until the end of the month (30 exercises in total).

What's Exercism?

Exercism is a wonderful platform that provides coding exercises for various programming languages! Founded in 2013, it offers a free and open-source solution to help people hone their programming skills. The platform is designed to help people learn various coding languages through practical exercises and mentor feedback.

The platform currently supports over 50 languages, including my favorite ones, such as PHP, C++, and (of course) JavaScript. Exercism is continuously expanding its offerings and plans to add more languages in the future, so be sure to keep an eye out. :)


At the end of this challenge, I hope to become more proficient in JavaScript and be better equipped to tackle more complex coding problems.

See you at the end of April,

Catherine Chen